Thursday, May 1, 2008

living purposefully. . .

A good morning this morning. Made a conscious effort to start early. I'm such a last minute girl . . . and pay the price of rushing every time.

So, ran off to shower after getting Jack on the bus. Made a list of items to do this morning (post office, drug store. . .). Filled sippy cups. And off we went. . . chores completed. Made it to Luke's class early.

And he was so much happier for it.

He immediately said hi to a boy as we hung up our coats. And he is the shyest boy I know. Shrinking behind his Mama's leg in fear of any child. . .

My heart singing already.

Immediately he was ready to sit Mama in circle time. Ready to sing.
Where's Max? [his school buddy. . .at least the one he fears the least]

After no one joined us, we were off to play.

He climbed the steps for the slide (with a Mama's help). Many times. Not too intimidated by all the children climbing and sliding and screaming around him.

No complaints when the clean up bell rang. Immediatly running to the carpet to sit by moonie moooonnnn! Sang fun songs. And played ring around the rosy.

Such a great day. =0]

Making me think more about living purposefully. . .rather than just existing day to day. Making meaning in my day. Looking ahead. But, savoring our small and big moments together.

Thinking about finishing my list. . . What do I want this year to mean? Where do I want to be? Time is flying past me so quickly. . .what do I want to feel like I didn't miss. Things that won't have passed me by because I grabbed them and made them part of me. . . My memories. . .

So that's today. Finishing my list. . . And getting to work on my year that I want to remember. . .

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