Friday, May 16, 2008

a voice upstairs. . .

tol.d me Lukey was awake. . . and climbing the stairs, I hoped he awoke on the right side of the bed. . .

Hi, Mamas.

A morning, Lukey.

It's Percys. [he picks up Percy]
Good morning, Percy.

Good morning, Thomas.

And Tobys.
Good morning, Toby. [love how he adds that extra little s at the end of names]

I lift a happy boy from bed (which was not the way he went down last night. . .quite the Lukey storm we weathered at bedtime), and we walked into the hallway. Peeking into Jack's bedroom, we saw Jack (who, for a day off, was up rather early @ 7:20).

Hi Dack.
[He turns.] Good morning, Luke.

Love these happy little moments. Starting our day, even a rainy one, so peacefully.
Filling their little boy boxes of memories with these quiet family moments.
Their memories of this home. . .

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