Wednesday, May 7, 2008

exhibit a:

Today marks the last day of my volunteer visits with Jack's Kindergarten class. There was a sub today. . .which made my last day interesting =0]

However, this story is about Luke.

PapPap so givingly watched Luke once a month while I went to Kindergarten with Jack. He was a little nervous in the beginning. . .watching Luke all by himself for 3 hours. . .just the two of them. . .and Luke was a little nervous too being without Mama.

He quickly grew to love this time with PapPap. . .looking forward to their time together. . .

Especially because the first order of business was to climb into PapPap's truck

[ big twuck ]

and head to Eat and Park. Where they have breakfast together. . .well, PapPap has breakfast. Most importantly, Luke drinks milk from a big cup and a straw. . .and has the coveted Eat n Park smiley cookie.

Then PapPap buys a whole dozen of them to bring home (so the boys can live on a cookie fueled sugar high for days). As the months wore on, PapPap liberally allowed Luke to have another cookie to munch on when they returned home.

Today, I opened the box to find many cookies with one or more bites out of them . . .

Seven bitten cookies to be exact.
One one completely gone.

No wonder the child won't eat anything else.
Gotta love time with PapPap =0]

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