Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bodie, it was the ten minute storm. . .

Doesn't it seem all the finest moments in life can be summed up by a line in Point Break?

Yeah, it's a sickness. . .

This morning the dogs and I headed out on our morning walk in the pourning rain. So tired, I didn't give much notice to the huge grey clouds in the sky as we jumped off the porch (Max jumping all over Dude, biting the leashes, as usual).

Heading down the road. . .one drop. Really? Is it going to rain today? . . . Nah. . .

And then faster drops. . . And we dashed back to the house for my rain coat (Dude dragging along. . .it's what she does best).

To get my rain coat. . .

And, as it rained harder and harder as we went back down the road, I thought it might start to hail (really didn't need that rain coat after all).

Max, hesitant at first, loved it. He trotted through the puddles. . . and discovered the joy of chasing the stream of water rushing past the sidewalk. (that is, until it ran in the other direction, and he thought maybe he should go back that way too).

And then it stopped.

Like it never rained.

10 minutes of madness.

And we were soaked. But enjoyed the rest of our walk anyway.

Brought to mind those days of running through the puddles as a child: raincoat, umbrella, and no shoes.

Summer joys. . .

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