Monday, July 21, 2008

say goodbye. . .

to the terra cotta that somehow turned out to be pink. . .

The living room was the very first room that I dared paint a color. . . way back when we first moved in.

I went to Sears to get one of those fancy Martha Stewart paints. And I pored over paint chips for weeks (have I told you I have this weakness for paint chips? absolutely love them. . . many of them at one time. . . stacks, I tell you. . . it's a sickness. . .). And I specifically chose one the color of a terra cotta pot. Not pink. Terra cotta. Orangish. . . Warmish. . .

My mom came over to help me out. . . I wanted to get it done in a day; so that I could surprise Sam when he came home from work.

And we did it.

We managed to paint the whole room in one day.

[Of course, that was prechildren. . .I managed, with Sam's help, to paint the kitchen in a week. . .]

Well, when Sam came home from work. . . I suppose he was surprised. . .

Wow. . .That's colorful. . . he said. . . And I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Luckily, he grew to love it. Loved the warm feeling the warm color gave. And we needed all the warm we could get. . . with the drafty old windows we used to have (not anymore - yay!).

Anyway, it all changes today.

Say goodbye to the pink. . .

And hello to faint maple.

Hopefully it's not a code word for pink.

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