Saturday, July 5, 2008

good morning, thomas. . .

Waking up feeling a little more under the weather than yesterday. . . (insert sound effect: raspberries. . . ) and hoping that it will be gone Wednesday when we leave for the beach.

Sam is kayaking this morning. Jack, sleeping in. Luke is reconstructing Sodor yet again.

He is determined to a fault. Insisting that pieces fit where he demands. Even when the laws of physics (and the constraints of the train table) say otherwise.

And then the track goes flying across the room.

So, after picking up the pieces, he and Mama worked together to create Sodor for Thomas, Annie and Clarabird. Number 5 James decided to join us this morning as well. Another favorite these days is Toby.

Sodor ususally sounds like this:

Hi, Henry. It's Thomas. Henry. Henry. (sing-song)
Let's go!
Your sgraceful.
Why are you laughing Thomas?
Open your eyes.
4, 3, 2, 1.
Silly, Thomas.
Up, up, Thomas.
Up the hill.
Up, Thomas, up.
What heck you doing?
Asked Thomas.
Get in the yard.
No smashing, Henry.
Look, Henry.
Woo! Woo!
Twubble twucks, Thomas.
Don't be silly, Thomas.

A mix of stories, silly things he and Jack say together, and stuff Mama says, and his own little growing imagination. . .
Smiling as I listen.

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