Wednesday, July 30, 2008

indy mission #106: the dentist

Jack went to our dentist Monday: teeth cleaning & check-up.

Not his first visit to the dentist. But the first with ours. . . Tried the pediatric dentist thing. . . and I did not like him at all. . . How can a pediatric dentist be kid-unfriendly? Anyway. . . I think I was more scarred by the experience than he was.

So, I decided to bring him to my hygentist, Danielle.

On the drive to the dentist, Jack decided: This is like Indy's Quest for the Golden Toothbrush. . . (Smiling.) It's all about Indy right now. He's on one mission or another all day long.

Anyway, Danielle's a real sweetheart and I knew she would be great with him.

And she was. He did so well. He picked fruit paste for the cleaning. . . And smiled while they tickled his teeth. . . She counted his teeth. . . And then he picked strawberry for the fluoride treatment. . . I'm not so sure about this, he announced before the fluroide. But, after a trial on the first tooth, he decided, This isn't so bad. And they finished.

With both of us smiling.

Jack got to pick his own toothbrush (bonus: the had the Cars toothbrushes he loves. . .and he chose his sweetheart, Sally).

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