Monday, July 28, 2008

the zeli family weekend . . . in review . . .

  • Luke is off to a good start with the whole potty thing. . . not consistent by any stretch. . .but getting there sometimes. . .and letting us know potty . . . so very exciting.
  • Thursday: a lunch date with Dada @ Chik-fil-a. . . A start to our school shopping (is that coming around already? Not ready for that boy of mine being gone all day. . .). . .
  • Friday: Play time outside. Jack riding his bike in the street. Doing so well without those training wheels. Digging in the sand (under the beach umbrella. . .who says we can't imagine we're still there. . .). Splashing in the water table with plastic fish (there's that beach thing again).
  • X-Files movie date Friday night. . . Nan and PapPap watched the boys for us so we could have an actual date night (so awesome) and then do the Poker Run Saturday morning.
  • X-Files the second. . .very disappointing. . . IMHO they should have stuck with the mythology stuff instead of the confusion that was the mystery of the pedophile priest. . . CSI meets the Hardy Boys. . .just that corny. . .not so much for great entertainment. Oh well.
  • 12 miles, baby! I rode my bike 12 whole miles Saturday morning. My Poker hand was awful. But, all I wanted to get was some royalty. And ended up with a Jack and a King. How bad can that be? On the other hand, Sam rocked his had with two pairs (and all he wanted was one).
  • A beautiful time just hanging out. . .just the two of us. . . lots of laughs and time to just talk without interruption. Dinner together without sippy cups, goldfish crackers, and little boy chachkas. Time @ the B House without being chained to the train table. Very cool, and long overdue.
  • Baseball. Took the boys and Nan and PapPap (a father's day gift for PapPap) to a Pirates' game. Great seats. Hot sunshine. And lots of fun. The boys were very good. Spent time up and down the stands to cool off in the shade and feel the breeze. . . Great time all together; loved it.
  • Finished the weekend watching the Wizard of Oz last night. Jack loved it (and, as always, was full of questions. . . love his curiosity about the world).

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