Thursday, August 28, 2008

adjusting. . .

to life without a big brother all day long is a little difficult. . . .

Jack woke up not so happy this morning. . . so tired. . . our big boy is not so much the morning guy. Unhappy about a day so long away from home. Quiet, pensive at the bus stop. A small wave out the window as the bus departed.

And little Luke. Happy this morning searching for clues. And then quiet. Drinking milk. Watching toons. A little too quiet. And I discovered our little Davinci using our newly painted living room wall as his Sistene Chapel.

Moving on to the disaster of no more milk.

Insistence on new twack, Mama.
And that Percy needed new batteries (even though she appears to be running just fine).

A small temper flared, and James was slammed to the table.

So, time to regroup. A fresh cup of milk. Some Mickey toons.

Calm .
Or just the eye of the hurricane. . .

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