Saturday, August 9, 2008

a visit from the tooth fairy. . .

Jack appeared at the side of our bed 5:59 Friday morning. . .

My tooth fell out in the night. Very excited.

In his palm he clutched his front bottom baby tooth. . . smiling, revealed the hole where it was before we put him to bed the night before.

So small. . .

I was very surprised when he told me two weeks prior (while I was driving, of course), that he had somehow broken his tooth by putting a bottle in his mouth.

Are you sure it's broken? I asked.

Yep. It moved when I pulled the bottle out. It isn't in it's place.

And the light dawned. It must be loose. His first. So exciting. . . And he's growing. . . so fast. . . I knew this would be coming soon. All of his friends were loosing teeth all during the school year. . . But it still takes a Mama by surprise that her baby isn't so small anymore. . .

After he showed us his tooth Friday, he hopped back in bed. It was pretty early for our late sleeper, so I thought he was going back to sleep.

Sam started to get ready for work. And I took Max for our morning walk (Dude decided to sleep in as well).

During our walk, Max jumped at a rabbit as it disappeared in the bushes. Only to emerge on the other side as a cute and fluffy skunk. Don't you know I pulled him out onto the street.

No way, buddy, I said. Not this morning you don't.

Luckily, it disappeared around the side of the house and we were on our way. Quickly.

And we made it home without incident. Sam was having breakfast in the new living room. (Loving it.) And Jack reappeared. Crestfallen.

She didn't come. He said.

The tooth fairy? I asked. And he nodded his head. Oh, buddy. She's done for the day now. She only comes late, late, late at night. Don't you worry. She'll come tonight when you are sound asleep.

And she did. The tooth fairy made her first visit to the Zeli house (although I'm feeling a little cheated that she didn't come for my pulled tooth several weeks ago. . .will have to talk to her about that one).

And, she left a trail of magic sparkles from the front door (where she came in the house) to Jack's bed. And all over his pillow and his tooth pillow. Which contained a handful of precious quarters (six of them to be exact). Our little Jack was so excited. And so cute with sparkles all over his face.

I can tell the tooth fairy was here. She left golden sparkles. See?

We followed her trail out his door and down the steps. And was surprised to see that even Max was covered in sparkles.

A delightful morning in the Zeli house. And a wonderful way to start a boy birthday day.

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