Wednesday, August 27, 2008

first grade tales. . .

and the first day was wonderful. He was off the bus, smiling from ear to ear. Loved being with kids his own age all day long. Loved lunch (he ate everything I packed!) and recess. Went to the bathroom many times. Had his very own desk. Two children from his Kindergarten class in his new class. So much fun!

Day two: Not so much. Too many rules to listen to. Not enough time to play at gym class. No one would play with him at recess. He wanted the jump rope (to be Indiana Jones with his whip, of course) at recess and some boy would not let him have it.

Amazingly, he woke up with a smile this morning.

I assured him that today would be a good day, because he would make it a good one.

Fingers crossed, I'm waiting for the rumble of the bus at 3:50.

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