Friday, August 22, 2008

meet the teacher. . .

Today, the boys and I headed to Jack's school to meet his teacher. We caught her putting her room together. . . and are very happy to report that not only is she nice, but she loves football.

Jack wore his Steeler's shirt; and she happily noticed it. We also noticed footballs around the room. Looks to be a fun year.

And, in celebration of the last day of the summer. . . we stopped and rented Indy 2 at the movie house and ordered some Pizza Hut pizza.

Loved watching Indy with Jack. He loved all the adventure. . . I loved watching it over (childhood memories for me. . .). . . Munching on yummy pizza and breadsticks.

Tonight, Sam built a fire. . .we roasted marshmallows. . .and Luke and I went indoors, while the older boys chatted by the fire about all of Indy's new adventures. Awesome.

And, in bed tonight. . . Indy sleeps with his hat over his eyes. . . just like he did on the airplane in the movie. . .

Childhood bliss. . .

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