Sunday, August 31, 2008

the weekend, baby!

Jack's happy for a four day weekend; Sam, a three. I'm happy to have my house full of noisy, excited boys.

We unanticipatedly spent the day in Monroeville yesterday. A quick trip to get Sam his first snowboard (a great sale, but sadly, no snow yet) and me some paper (for my class project) turned into an all-day affair. . . With lunch at the chicken house (aka Chik-fil-A). . .

And a new couch!

A new couch, baby! Very exciting. We went Monday to Levins in Mt Pleasant expecting to order a sectional that our growing family could fit on (yep, the green couch just won't fit us all anymore. . .). . . And, a last minute just for fun measurement (thank goodness we measured!) proved our new room arrangement and new furniture weren't going to work out.

Very disappointed. . .

So, on a whim, we stopped at the Levin's in Monroeville to check out the sales. . . And walked out with a new couch and chair. To be delivered Friday. . .

How exciting. Actual grown up furniture. That matches =0]

Amazing how those little things that you wait for (after 15 years of marriage) turn out to be so fulfilling. Just fill you up with joy and happiness. Our first couch was a hand me down from Aunt Renee's house. A wooden, uncomfortable nightmare, with matching chair. I tried covering the scratchy plaid with fabric. Cow fabric to be exact (my farm phase. . .). Then, green and plaid sheets that I caught on sale at Gabriel's. . . Then, when we bought the house, we also decided to finally get a couch. . . Green corduroy from Montgomery Wards. . .back in the clearance section for $400. . . and we thought we hit the big time. No chair, however. Same wooden nightmare chair. Which eventually disappeared. . .replaced by my great grandmother's rocking chair.

But, we can't all sit and watch tv anymore. Just not enough room with those growing boys. So, we're very excited.

Little Lukey didn't fare so well yesterday. He seemed to be a little warm all morning. And just kinda laid around wherever we went. Wanting carried. Poor boy. Came home to a 102ish temperature. . . a little Tylenol later, and he spent the evening playing trains and watching toons.

Today: Lukey's temp is gone. The sun is shining. Sam's on a morning run. And the day could take us anywhere. . .

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