Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Jack:

Today we watched history unfold together. . . Dada and I have taken you to the voting booth every election for the past 6 years. . . And I felt it important for us to watch the results of that election together.

And I had a wonderful time. . .answering your many questions. . . and your six year old wiggles. . . We talked about being president. . . what it means. . . and about his little girls. . . one so very close to your age. . . and what it might be like to live in the White House.

I pointed out to you all the presidents from the past as the were on the screen. You couldn't believe that a Dada and son were president not long apart. And you laughed when I said it would be like Dada being president and then you.

And some serious stuff. . . We talked about how important freedom is. . . How very lucky we are to be free. . . to choose our leaders. . . and how we live our lives. . . and what we want to be when we grow up (something I still ponder. . .). How some people aren't so lucky. . .

And most importantly. . . that you can be whatever. . . whoever. . . you want to be. Dream big, buddy. And follow your heart.

Not sure if you will remember today, as you lay on the couch. . . lightning mcqueen jammies. . .snuggled up to Mama in my robe. . .trying to make me laugh. . .trying hard to be patient. But someday you will read about this turning point in our history. And you watched it unfold. With a wonderful sense of curiousity and silliness that is so you. You were there. . .

Love you,

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