Monday, January 26, 2009

dinner with mr. obvious

We took Lukey to see his new school on Sunday. An open house at Aquinas Academy to see the preschool room (declining to tour the rest of the school). . . we sent Jack there two years ago. . . and already. . . is it really time to think about real school for our Luke? We commented all day about how small he seems (relatively speaking, of course). . .

He is the one I worry about leaving. He is the one who clings to me. . .

And as we entered the room full of strangers and children, he ran to the train table. Not noticing one moment whether we hovered round or stayed across the room.

We saw dear Mrs. Szakos and dear Mrs. Davis. So good to see their smiling faces again. Such sweet, good teachers. They were the ones that made it easier to let Jack go for the first time. Trusting their kindness. . . and good hearts. . . and they were so good for him. As I know they will be so good for Luke.

And they remembered Jack. How it made me smile. Jack and Junior. Inseparable boy and his dog. They said they had just been talking about him days ago. And how Mrs. Davis kept the dog ornament he gave her in a dresser drawer. [This is so they remember Junior, Mama.]

And we left, happy with the new school. Happy remembering Jack's days there. . . And went out to eat to celebrate sweet endings and new happy beginnings. . .

Chili's. . . love it. . . Jack will eat their burgers. . . and Lukey loves to much from the chip basket.

And we chatted. About life. And trains. And Star Wars. (because in a little boy world, there is nothing more)

And Dada attempted to bring Jack out of his lightsabering obsession: What do the Jedis do when they are not lightsabering the bad guys? They must do something else? Like go to dinner. . . Or watch movies. . .

They look for more lightsaber fights. (of course)

And Ahsoka. What are these things on her head?

They are head tails.

Head tails? But they look like a raccoon. What are they for?

I think that they are tails for her head.

Ahh yes. When you ask Mr. Obvious an question. What else would you expect?

Of course Ahsoka finished off this deep conversation with a kiss on Jack's cheek. Calling her his boyfriend. Which reduced Jack to a strange wordering, melting slump of a boy. Oh Dada.

And, as we left Chili's (Sam sneaking off to the bathroom, and I attempting to wrangle and coat two silly boys). . .

Jack said, What did she do that? Why did Ahsoka do that?

Do what, buddy?

What did she kiss me? And call me her girlfriend?

A true Calvin and Hobbes moment.

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