Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Questions. . .

I tease Sam about Jack and his 101 daily questions. About how things work. About how we do things. And most importantly: why? So many explanations. So much curiousity.

But the hard ones. I always get the hard ones.

The first starting with Nemo the fish two years ago (this month, I believe). . . who died the night after we brought him home from the pet store. . . And he wanted to know all about death. And his dead eyes. And his dead mouth. . . And I felt like I was the one drowning.

Never got any better.

The questions only got harder.

And somehow, I am the one he asks. And somehow, Sam is never around. . . ?

And I told Sam that I was fine with it. As long as he took care of those other questions. You know, the really big question. The big talk. Yeah, I don't even know where to begin with that one. And really, I'm not a boy. So, I think that is a boy's department. Right?

OK. . . he agrees. He'll do the talk. So, I'm happy.
Then, Friday night happened......

Friday Sam falls asleep on the couch after a long week. Jack and I are happily building Legos (when are we not happily building Legos?). . .

Mama, do twins have the same birthday?

Yep. Do you know any twins?

I did when I was four. But I don't remember their names.

[maybe I should have shut my mouth right here. . . but, I didn't]

Hmm. Well, twins are two babies in a Mama's belly.
Can there be three?
Yep. They are called triplets. But it doesn't happen very often.
Are you going to have another baby in your belly?
Oh, I don't know. [I should have seen the road signs, right?]
How old do you have to be to get a baby?
Oh not until you are an ADULT. [I'm starting to sweat, because now I see where he's driving me]
How does a baby get in your belly anyway?
[Yep. Here we are.] Oh. Well. That's a very good question. Hmmmm. I'm not really sure. . .

And a subject change. And my head pounding.
And Sam sleeps on sweetly.
Unaware. And slacking on the job.
Not that I expect to reveal the birds and bees at age six. No way. But, I don't want to even have to step on this field, baby.

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