Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day. . .

making me happy right now. . .

big fat flakes outside the kitchen window
while the chocolate chip cookies that Jack and I made
fill the house with a favorite childhood fragrance

Luke's happy voice drifting out to my ears
as he plays happily with cars
in the dining room

finding Jack (home with a snow day) in the quiet living room
at the coffee table
reading. . .
a coloring book
all by himself
just because he wanted to know what it says
Mama, come see this funny part. . .
[thank you Wonder Pets Save the Puppy]

and calling him out to the kitchen
to see the birdfeed
newly filled
attracting many beauties:
mr. and mrs. cardinal
chickadees (known as chippies by my great grandma smith)
a titmouse

Max dropping his ball at my feet
let's play. . .

the gift of a snow day. . .

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